A Winter Wedding at Exton Park

December 17, 2014 |

Oooooh we LOVE winter wedding photography… and this December wedding was definitely no exception! With two beautiful settings – Exton Park Catholic Church and Barnsdale Lodge Hotel we were super excited!

The day arrived – Frost on the roads and the promise of a whole 4 degrees at the warmest – We were so glad to see the sun was out with its winter hat on! This led to a beautiful crisp winter’s day. Awesome.

After meeting our bride Leanne at the home she grew up in, complete with baby photos (see the veil photo :-) ) we headed to find our groom at EXTON PARK estate for a few wedding photographs with the guys before his bride arrived.

Running a few(!) minutes late, Duncan made it to the church just in time. After a quick hello to some of his guests, he made in to the Church just before his bride rounded the corner in one of her Uncles many classic cars. He had even removed the front seat (not the drivers – obviouslyJ) So Leanne could get in and out easier!

Our bride entered the church wearing her Mums tiara and Veil from their wedding 22 years previous – in the same church!  She had a very proud father attached to her arm too. Even as wedding photographers, it’s not often you see a ceremony this beautiful!

After a lovely ceremony at Exton Catholic Church, it was time for wedding photographs at Exton Park. Using Exton Park as the backdrop, we started with a large group shot of everyone there. We find it is always best to start like this in the winter so most of the guests can get into the warm as quickly as possible!

After the group wedding photographs, we took off on a small adventure with Bride and Groom to photograph them together, for the first time as Mr and Mrs. As the sun started to set, we made the most of the daylight photographing quickly but concisely both not to miss anything and to get Leanne and Duncan to their guests as quickly as possible too.

When we all arrived at Barnsdale Lodge it looked simply stunning! The Christmas trees were all dressed beautifully and the barn suite where the wedding breakfast was to be held looked like a fairy-tale.

After three well-rehearsed speeches, we stole our Bride and Groom away for just a few more wedding photographs together. We found an awesome reflection complete with Christmas tree and even found time to do some light drawing photography.

As the evening do started, Rutland Radios Rob Persani took to the turn tables to entertain the wedding party.

Such a fabulous winter wedding in such wonderful surroundings, click here to see more beautiful weddings at Barnsdale Lodge!


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