Wedding Venues Stamford

Stamford Wedding Venues

Stamford, being a bit bigger than Oakham, does have a little more to offer. We LOVE photographing

in Stamford! Here are links to venues in Stamford we have visited recently.


George Hotel

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One of England’s greatest coaching Inns’, The George in Stamford offers a traditional and characteristic atmosphere for a classic relaxed wedding setting, complete with beautiful monastery gardens, perfect for wedding photography.

Wedding Photography at The George Hotel

Burghley House

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Burghley House nestled on the outskirts of Stamford – Lincolnshire is less than a mile from the great north road, the A1. Perfect for travel and superbly located, Burghley house is steeped in history and is an ideal wedding venue.

Wedding Photography at Burghley House

William Cecil

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The William Cecil is quite new to Stamford and is stunning! A beautiful house full of character and beautiful gardens. Perfect for your wedding photographs in Stamford.

Wedding Photography at The William Cecil

Grange Farm


Ideal for ‘more quirky’ wedding photography – It’s Grange Farm!

Wedding Photography at Grange Farm

The Corn Exchange Stamford


Stamford corn exchange is actually a theatre! So if you are looking for a quirky wedding venue then you may just have found it!

Stamford Corn Exchange Wedding Photography