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How Much?

If you have made it this far, then we are pleased you love what we do, just like we do.

And now, the for the wedding photography prices. How much should you pay for your wedding photographer is a difficult question to answer. Many have said in the past that your wedding photographer should cost between 10 and 20% of your budget. As a guestimate, we would have to agree.

We would add that getting along with your wedding photographer is more important than a percentage however. If you don’t get on or understand each other – like friends do, then you may live to regret your decision. Your photographer is there with you through every step of your wedding day….. do you want to spend it with someone you don’t get on with?…. Thought not.

Keeping it simple, we have one initial price. For a full day with both myself and Laura, an online gallery, DVD slideshow and our years of expertise -not to mention our bright and colourful style- our fee is £2495.

Wedding photography albums and storybooks are available afterward, allowing you to compliment your perfect day and relive it again and again. Hand designed and hand made books start from around £450 and are added after your special day, whenever you are ready.


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