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Wedding Portrait Photography

We are super passionate about wedding portrait photography! The opportunity to photograph you for the first time as one is an overwhelming privilege.

By no means however does this have to take over your day! We have all been to other weddings as guests (even us, occasionally!) where you don’t see your Bride and Groom all afternoon because the photographer has kidnapped them. You haven’t had the chance to say hello and their face is aching.

We believe that this shouldn’t be the case.

As we have said, we are super passionate about wedding portrait photography, but we do it very differently. It is YOUR day, and we really want you to enjoy it. As much fun as we are, we are sure you have guests you would rather spend your time with… With this in mind, we will steal you away for just 15 minutes after your wedding ceremony for lots of beautifully lit wedding portraits of the two of you together. Before heading back to capture the rest of the wedding photography, we’ll use the surroundings of the venue or church that you hold so dear, along with our lighting to create lots of memories for you. We work quickly without rushing. We want to get you back to your guests, so we can photograph you all in a reportage way – as your day unfolds.

This time in the afternoon is always well spent. Beautiful wedding portraits which are fun and relaxed.

After your wedding breakfast, there is usually a quiet spot in the day before evening guests arrive, or the party starts. We will ask for just 15 or so more minutes of your precious day to capture just a few more portraits to add into your album. This second opportunity is very relaxed, once the speeches are over and the jacket comes off. If you feel relaxed, then your photographs will show it too. Even if it has gone dark or it has started to rain, we guarantee to make the most of your time with our lighting or by heading for cover!

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Portrait Photography