Wedding Photography at Oakham Castle

Oakham Castle

It isn’t a castle with turrets and a draw bridge…. But it is beautiful just the same. Oakham castle is actually the original great hall of the castle dating back to the late 12th century.  Creating stunning wedding photography at Oakham Castle is always a pleasure for us!

The great hall is decorated with a range of 12th Century sculptures along with walls upon walls full of horseshoes; these represent the unique custom that every peer of the realm must give a horseshoe to the lord of the manor on their first visit to Oakham. A custom that has been followed for at least 500 years!

Apparently, the Horseshoes hang ‘upside down’ to stop the devil sitting in them. I bet you didn’t know that! I know we certainly didn’t!

The great hall is now licensed for civil ceremonies too. Sitting in acres of parkland with a long driveway, it boasts ample space for wedding Photography at Oakham Castle.

The hall will accommodate 125 people and they offer reduced rates throughout the week.  Although you cannot hold your wedding reception at Oakham castle, you are able to take in the beautiful surroundings, perfect for photography.

The grounds are overlooked by Oakham Church, which towers in the background of large group wedding Photography at Oakham Castle. With a beautiful arch and cobbled driveway, not to mention a perfectly cited bench, there are lots of photo opportunities, no matter what the weather.

As the castle is ideally situated just off the Market place, it is within easy walk of many car parks, where your guests can park all day if they wish. From the castle, it is only a short drive to one of many local reception venues, where you can party the day away!

We hope you enjoy this slideshow of Wedding Photography at Oakham Castle, but if you still haven’t decided on the perfect venue then have a peek at some of our favourite wedding venues in Oakham here!