Wedding Photography In The Rain

Our ‘Wet weather plan’ – Wedding Photography In The Rain

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

The good old British weather has definitely been interesting for the last few years so we thought we would share our wet weather plan with you.

Recently, more than ever, we have been tried and tested with the weather, but rest assured we can always capture great shots whatever the weather throws at us.

Like any good wedding photographer, we bring our portable, battery powered studio lights to every wedding. This offers the opportunity to capture amazing shots inside your venue, regardless of the lighting inside. We can always use these as our portable sunshine on a darker day for outside shots also.

This equipment is essential for wedding photography and is always there no matter what the weather. All the photographs on this page have been taken on rainy days. Some when the rain had stopped for just 10 minutes and others where the rain hasn’t stopped at all.

So in answer to what happens if it rains on my wedding day…. rest assured we will never let the rain spoil your perfect day!