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Bride Getting Dressed

We always photograph your wedding in its entirety, from your bridal preparations in the morning, right through to your first dance and party in the evening.

Our style of bridal photography is always relaxed and beautifully lit. We will start our day by meeting you, friends and family members wherever you choose to get ready before the big day.

We will spend time photographing your dress, along with shoes, flowers and jewellery in our unique way – quickly but concisely – so we do not miss a detail, or anything else that may be going on!

Our top tip for bridal photography would be this – and it is so simple! Throw away the plastic hangers your dress and/or bridesmaids dresses came on and buy real wood matching ones! They look sooo much nicer in your photographs! Make sure to buy the ones with notches in too so your dresses don’t fall off. You can even personalise them if you wish.

Most of our time with you all in the morning is spent capturing genuine moments as they happen. Being as discreet as possible, we will watch and observe the steady hand of a makeup artist, or the shaky hand of dad on the champagne bottle, we are with you to see and capture it all.

Before we leave, we love to spend a few minutes with you alone, maybe by a large window for a beautiful soft light or in a garden with soft muted colours in the distance.

Some bridal photographs of all the girls together is a must too, especially if everyone has long dressing gowns or a shirt from the hen do!

And then to continue the wedding photography, we’re off to find the boys – leaving you in peace(ish) to finish your preparations.

Don’t worry though, the bridal photography continues when you arrive at the Church or Ceremony room making sure not to miss the moment you arrive – complete with beautiful dress – but most importantly, with everyone you hold so dear close by.

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