Wedding Photography at Grange Farm…. Eeeek!

October 15, 2015 |


Such an exciting day ahead….. We just couldn’t wait! Not only was it Dawn and Conrad’s Wedding Day, but we also had another opportunity to visit the beautiful wedding venue, Grange Farm.

Filled with lakes, bridges, rolling countryside views, an old train carriage and endless woodlands- Wedding Photography at Grange Farm is such a treat!



We started the day at Dawn’s house in Wansford. We were met with so many happy and smiley faces as the girls were excitingly getting ready for the day ahead. Their house was amazing, it just kept going and going; we made our way to the very top floor where the bride had put her dress, shoes and other sentimental details for the day including a beautiful locket from her parents.

After capturing these important pieces of the day, we left the girls and went to find the boys…. Where else but in the PUB!

Dawn and Conrad had chosen the village church nestled in the beautiful little village of Nassington. Conrad has been a part of this village for all of his life which is why they chose this church for this special day. After 1 pint- just 1 Conrad :-) we walked with the boys just a 5 minutes up the village to the church. Nassington is gorgeous and we found some great spots to stop at on the way. As guests arrived, the bells started to ring and the anticipation was in the air waiting for the bride to arrive. And she did, about 15 minutes behind time, but it kept the groom on his toes!

Dawn looked incredible- she was a little nervous but SOOOO looking forward to seeing her groom, as she walked down the aisle Conrad must have thought he was the luckiest man alive. After a beautiful ceremony, the bride and groom were ready to sing their last hymn when the most beautiful butterfly appeared. It settled down with the bride and groom and stayed on the grooms ankle and in the bride’s hand before fluttering away. It was so sweet and a perfect end to a beautiful wedding ceremony!

It was out into the glorious sunshine for the happy couple and all of their guests and it was like a summer’s day- no-one would have thought that it was October- Perfect weather for confetti and group photographs at Nassington Church. As guests made their way to get a drink at Grange Farm, we spent a few moments with the bride and groom for some wedding photography with just to the two of them.

The amazing staff at Grange Farm were on hand with bubbles to welcome the bride and groom to their wedding reception- perfection! A few group photographs requested by the bride and groom followed before it was speech time! The speeches were fab and the groom escaped very lightly from his best man’s speech!

The marquee at Grange Farm had been decorated beautifully with vegetables from their very own allotment, bunting and fresh flowers, it looked stunning….As did the food. Wow what an awesome reception.

The light was low and after a few wedding photographs with the bride and groom at Grange Farm it was time for them to dance the night way with a fab live singer and disco! We had such an amazing day with great people …. Congratulations guys!

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