Wedding Photography Studios

wedding photography studios

Our Photography Studio

We’ve been professional wedding photographers since 2008 and have our own little wedding photography studio based in the centre of Oakham, Rutland. This is the town where we grew up and love spending time in!

As you walk through The Maltings, you will soon start to see why we are here. The archway leads you through a courtyard of shops with a walkway filled with flowers right to our front door where the kettle is always on!

We’ve filled our photography studio full of quirky furnishings, complete with an original petrol pump lamp and even a bumper car! You will see our love of all things old and very different, our book case is made out of apple crates and we have a Harry Potter themed loo! Intrigued?! There is certainly a lot to look at before we show you our hand designed albums and finished wall products.

Inviting you to come and see us is always a pleasure with cosy sofas and freshly roasted coffee. It’s much better than meeting in a pub or coffee shop as we are able to show you all of our albums and also get to know you both a little better. We love meeting and chatting about anything and everything!

Our wedding photography studio is personally designed by us and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Photography Studios
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