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Oundle is a stunning ancient market town on the River Nene making it perfect for wedding photography. The town is located in Northamptonshire with a population of around 5,800! Inhabited since the Iron Age, Oundle’s original purpose was a place to trade and as a market for farmers and craftsmen.  Many of its central buildings date back from the seventeenth century.

Oundle has many shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants to enjoy – all of which are located in the town centre. It also has two supermarkets, a Co-op and a recently built Waitrose. If shopping is not something you enjoy, there is always something else for you in Oundle! Whether it is visiting the museum, the five major festivals, or to witness amazing entertainment at the theatre or cinema, you are guaranteed to find something to entertain you!

The annual Oundle International Festival was founded in 1985. When originally established, it had two aims. First of all – to provide entertainment for the members of the community in the beautiful rural area and second – to encourage Young artists. The festival mostly displays classical music but with gradual additions over the years. The festivals are becoming increasingly popular throughout the years and are seen as an important part of tourism for the town.

The Area contains many magnificent and beautiful buildings including Latham’s Hospital and school which was founded in 1611 as an almshouse for women and a school for the education for poor men’s sons. The school was closed in 1905 but the almshouses survive.  Oundle is home to St Peter’s Church which has the tallest spire in Northamptonshire.

Bizarrely, the world Conker Championships are held yearly in the close by village of Ashton. Since the championships started in 1965, conker players from around the globe have gathered on the village green for the chance to be King or Queen Conker!

If you want to get married in Oundle then we’d love to be involved in anyway we can! Whether that be by being your wedding photographer on the day or helping you to choose your wedding venue in Oundle!