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Oakham is a pretty market town, very small but growing every day… Making it the perfect location for wedding photography! This small town is full of history and quirky streets. Including Deans Street which some of the buildings from this street survived the First World War!

You may have also heard about Oakham Castle- it’s is not your average Castle, in actual fact you could probably walk past it without even knowing! It is quite small and all that remains is the Great Hall. In the 12th remains that peers of the realm should bring a horseshoe to the castle when they visit Oakham town. There are now 230 horseshoes decorating Oakham Castle with quite a few being given by a member of the Royal family. The beautiful Oakham castle is opened as a museum, home to concerts and also wedding civil ceremonies.

Another ancient building in Oakham is the Buttercross that is situated in Oakham Market Place. An octagonal structure complete with five-hole stocks and stone pier. Oakham market place is still used now for a traditional market selling local produce twice a week.

Oakham was also home to Sir Jeffery Hudson who was born the smallest man in the smallest county! Oakham was his home for many years! For most of his life he was 18 inches, however when he reached 30 he got to his maximum height of 3 feet and 6 inches! Jeffery was knighted by the King and told: “I’m sure that the Rutland Motto Multum in Parvo applied just as aptly to our Mini Jeffery”. Hudson’s cottage is still in Oakham and lived in by a normal sized family!

As Oakham wedding photographers, we know this town like the back of our hands! View our favourite Oakham wedding photography venues here, and get in touch to let us know about your plans for your special day.

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