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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Nottingham then you’re in the right place! We love Nottingham and all it’s history and culture.

Nottingham – most famous for its castle, caves and links to robin hood, can be traced back to the fourth century, when just 37 people called it home! With a population of around 310,000 nowadays, Nottingham certainly has changed.
It has always been known for its heritage in bicycle, lace making and tobacco industries. The lace market of Nottingham is now a bustling area brimming with designer shops. It is easy to lose yourselves there for an hour or two, believe us!
With two universities, both with multiple campuses in the city, Nottingham is one of the largest centres for higher education in the UK. Nottingham Universities Trent building is licensed for weddings too. Believe us, it is spectacular!
With buildings dating back to the 1100s, Nottingham’s architecture is superb. Looking up toward the sky whilst in the centre can be breath-taking. The detailing at the top of these buildings is an art in itself. The geographical centre of this city is also surrounded with fantastic architecture. The Old market square, (the largest in the UK) is now dominated by the city council house, built in 1726. Guarded by two stone art deco lions – similar in design to the lions used at the Wembley empire exhibition in 1924 – This square is a very popular meeting place before heading off to sample Nottingham’s night life. The oldest pub in Nottingham (and indeed, the UK) is said to have been built in 1189! Carved from the face of rocks that Nottingham Castle is built on, it has a wealth of history (and great beer!)
The castle, with its cliffs 40 metres high to the south and west, was built in 1067. Now a Museum and Art gallery, Nottingham Castle has seen nearly 1000 years of action – most famously, the English civil war.


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