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A Little About Us…

Wedding Photographer and Designer ….. An Awesome Team

We are Andy and Laura, a late twenty something couple passionate about wedding photography, great customer service and Harry Potter:-) After photographing and designing from home for 5 years, we created Dean’s Street Photography Studios in 2008 with a definitive goal: To capture those memories in life that should be preserved. Nostalgic memories that don’t want to become a distant remembrance. Like the first time you rode a bike… Do you remember that? and how it felt? This feeling is what we capture.


I am a wedding photographer that’s obsessed with light and how to capture it. From harsh, strong directional light to soft, cloudy light along with flash and mixing the light sources to create dynamic images, thats me! I love the complexity of things, but with a simplistic element, like the London Underground :-). My wedding photography style follows strong symmetry, occasionally breaking it slightly, and I really enjoy finding natural archways and doors to frame people. As a professional wedding photographer, I’m not afraid of breaking the norm or trying new things, my style is individual and not copied from any other.


I’m not the wedding photographer, but like many of the female variety, I am crazy about chocolate and the occasional glass of wine (with soda!) I proudly design all wedding albums and storybooks by hand, making each one individual and special. I love when couples collect their albums from us, to see their smiles and happiness is such a great feeling. Can’t cook, won’t cook – giving me lots of time to walk the dog and buy shoes :-)

In a nutshell, that is us. Together, we make a great wedding photography team – even (annoyingly) finishing each others sentences sometimes! But enough of us, we want to hear a little about you and your adventure!

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