Wearing a Wedding Veil…

April 02, 2015 |

Wedding veils have been, and are still, a popular item to complete your wedding dress. We have no doubt that this tradition and fashion will be around for many more years to come!


There are many meanings and theories behind why the veil was first worn such as:

The groom is promising to clothe and protect his bride for the whole of their married life…

A symbol of purity…

A sign of the brides farther un-veiling and passing over his daughter to the groom…


The veil that you chose can be worn in a number of ways..


Traditionally on the very top of your hair

Half way down your hair

bottom head

Underneath your hair which is styled, almost where your head meets your neck

If you have decided to wear a veil for your wedding day, we have put together a few tips, tricks and pointers for you that we have noticed over the years and thought may help….


If your veil is very long, we can create a stunning and dramatic look to your photographs by creating some movement to show your veils length


A 2 tiered veil is perfect for capturing you sharing a moment or two together- that’s both of you under the veil! (Gents this will hopefully be the first time you’ve worn a veil and the last!)


Veils can be beautifully backlit to highlight the soft and sheer material


This tip is for the gentlemen! If your beautiful bride is wearing a veil, when you put your arms around her go UNDER the veil! If you put your arm over the veil you may apply a little too much pressure and rip it out of her hair… Oooops!

Laura's Tip!

If you are a little self-conscious about the tops of your arms (like me)! A mid-length veil can be superb to wear over your shoulders and mask insecurities you may have!

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