Our top tips for guests wanting to take photographs at a wedding

March 20, 2015 |

So then, you are off to a wedding! You have bought a new outfit and possibly a hat, booked a taxi so you can all enjoy a tipple and packed your camera. But are you sure of how to get the best from it? Sure, pointing and pressing has its place and is perfect for you, the wedding guest – but have you ever been disappointed with the outcome, or snapped away at the wrong time?

Here are our top wedding photography tips to help you create wedding photographer style photos.


Be careful of backlit situations. Your camera simply cannot cope like your eyes can – it has a much smaller dynamic range. That coupled with a camera set on auto will give you a silhouette of the happy couple. Instead, move so they are not back lit – or use a massive flash!

Don’t photograph the ‘real’ signing of the register. They are many details on the page that the newlyweds don’t want sharing with the world, such as signatures and addresses. After the official signing, the page can be turned and a photo opportunity for all can be made.

When photographing others on the day, try not to face them into direct sun – we want to avoid squinty faces! Instead, pop them in the shade of a tree, or with the sun off to one side. Much better (and more flattering too!)

When photographing inside, use the window as your light source by facing who you are photographing toward it. This will give a lovely flattering soft light to wrap around your subject. If you want to be really clever, play around with the window being at different angles to the person for a different effect.


Take spare batteries and clean your memory cards before you leave home! You don’t want to run out of space at the opportune moment! Set your camera to the best quality and largest size too – giving you the option to print bigger when needed.

When sharing photos from phones to the social media world, please choose wisely which ones to share! You will DEFINITELY beat the pros to it, so your photographs might be the first the happy couple see. Make it a good one, for their sake.


When the Bride and Groom are leaving the church, please don’t stand in the aisle to get ‘the shot.’ Unfortunately, it means that the professional photographer working for the happy couple will only be able to see your back, and not bright, happy faces. Think of how upset the couple will be that you were in the way.

If you ever get ‘fuzzy’ photographs when using an SLR or bridge camera, try using a faster shutter speed. As a general rule, the shutter speed shouldn’t be less than the focal length of the lens you are using. This will help to eliminate camera shake.

Never use flash inside a church or ceremony room. It is very off putting and will take the attention away from the moment.


And lastly, remember, most importantly, that you are there to enjoy yourself too! A few photos are nice, but you don’t want to be ‘stuck’ behind your camera all day. Enjoy every moment with the people that matter.


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