Natalie and Joe’s Wedding at Hothorpe Hall

September 22, 2016 |


We had such a fun day with Natalie and Joe at their wedding at Hothorpe Hall. These guys are an awesome couple, paired with a fab venue, amazing cake, stunning cheesecake and a totally superb band- we can see why!

The bride was excitingly getting ready at Hothorpe with her bridesmaids on hand to help her along the way. Hothorpe had dedicated two amazing rooms for the bride to use in the morning so we took the dresses, shoes, jewellery and flowers into the second room and snapped away!

We left the girls and found the boys at the bar- they all looked awesome and the groom was totally cool and calm!

As guests arrived in the glorious sunshine, we popped up to see Natalie and were wowed by how gorgeous she looked- she couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle!

After a wonderful ceremony, drinks and canapés we used the beautiful backdrop at Hothorpe hall for some group photographs with their family and friends. We then had a sneaky peek look at the reception room to take some photographs and…..WOW- it looked AMAZING!

Dinner and speeches followed and we were so excited to steal the bride and groom off for some photographs after their meal. Hothorpe Hall has endless options for photographs, the house, gardens, driveway, views and lake- we could have gone on for days! But we didn’t as the band was all set and ready to go for the evening party!

To our delight- it was The Hound Dogs, a fab band who are just as entertaining to watch as they are to listen to! The bride and groom did a beautifully choreographed first dance before the hound dogs did their thing and had everyone dancing along.

Congratulations guys and thank you for such an awesome day!



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