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Families….. The BEST thing since sliced bread

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Rutland Family Photography

Isn’t your family awesome!?!  Although there may be times you disagree and fall out, you are still a family. We all disagree some times, ask my brother! But as we get older, we seem to like each other more, so maybe there is a hope yet :-)

As Rutland family photographers, we scout out THE BEST locations for your family photography. As the seasons change, so do the areas we LOVE to visit. We don’t use a studio backdrop, we have something even better…. Outside! Lots of space for running and playing, no matter how old we are. Natural surroundings give natural photographs, no matter what time of year.

In Spring, the bluebells and daffodils make an appearance. The Sun is lower in the sky and everything is so colourful. We know the perfect spots for your family photographs. We don’t have to travel too far, do you have a pretty garden or somewhere memorable? Perfect.

Summer is soon upon us…. YAY! Hot weather and Sandpits!  Make the most of it as it doesn’t last very long! We know the best wild meadows, country tracks and spots at Rutland Water that you will LOVE  just as much as we do.

Autumn is FULL of great colours. Wellie boots and puddle jumping. Great fun for the whole family. The perfect diversion for you all to forget the camera is even there. As Rutland family photographers, we make sure we capture this great family time.

On to winter…. Buuurrrrr….. Big woolly hats and Christmas on its way! Maybe even build a snowman, or make snow angels! Maybe photos for Christmas presents? What more would Granny want?

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