Keeley’s Trends and Colours for Bridesmaids Dresses

May 09, 2015 |

Bridesmaids are a very important part of a wedding, and we are all wondering what kind of colours are going to be in next year, and what other aspects are going to be ‘in’.

After reading and researching its true to believe that bows are in for bridesmaids dresses, at the back of the dress to either finish the dress off or to give it a little lift if it is very plain.

One top tip for bows, make sure someone can tie a bow as there is nothing worse than a droopy bow!


Another thing I’ve found is that simplicity for bridesmaid’s dresses is key and will be ongoing next year, it’s all about the dress being multifunctional. Not something that screams “I’m a bridesmaids dress.” It can be worn again and again which is great.

Colours for next year are going to be a balance of soft and neutral tones but with warmth that suits all complexions as you don’t want the colour to wash your bridesmaids out. This is great as neutral colours can be mixed with other brighter colours so you don’t have to worry about if your bridesmaids clash with your wedding décor.


The most important thing is that bridesmaids need to be happy in what they are wearing; you don’t have to follow the trend as it is up to you and your bridesmaids, it’s a personal choice.

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