Introducing our Stylish and Super Cool Saturday girl…Keeley!

March 14, 2015 |
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My name is Keeley and I have been working for Andy and Laura for over a year now. I look after the studio when they are photographing weddings and help out with jobs throughout their super cool business.

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I met Andy and Laura through my work experience during school and spent a week with them learning about their business and helping out. At the end of the week I was offered a job for when I was 16, which I gladly took! I came back to the studio months later on my 16th birthday and got the job of a ‘Photography Studio Saturday Girl’. Yay! Coolest job in the world!


This role involves looking after the studio, keeping it clean, meeting customers and helping them with any queries whilst Andy and Laura are out photographing. I have also started blogging for them and also managing their Pinterest boards. Every week I add new photos to their many boards. By doing this it keeps new, current and past customers updated with what Andy and Laura are photographing. I also write a new blog post most weeks about wedding themes, fashion and styles, I really enjoy this as it combines my love for Fashion and photography!


I am currently studying a Level 3 diploma in fashion and clothing in college which is great fun as it’s a passion of mine; I want to become an interior stylist or something involving fashion. This is great as I can include photography into it.

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I am extremely neat and tidy, I love collecting Vogue and other home design books and I love listening to my record player (especially The Stone Roses)!

My biggest love (like many girls) is shopping, however not only for clothes but for home design!

 Like Laura I can’t cook and I won’t cook, but my favourite food is sweet potato fries and broccoli, very random I know!

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