Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography….

… Because we want to get to know you.

We feel that it is incredibly important for you both to feel relaxed in front of the camera- that’s why we feel pre wedding shoots are perfect.

We are more than happy to meet you at a place that is special to you both, perhaps the venue of your proposal? We can spend some time taking natural and informal shots, keeping it relaxed and fun.

Pre wedding shoots also give you an idea of how we will photograph you on your wedding day. Getting used to the natural posing and the shots that you will love!

It is also great way for us to get to know you both and have a giggle along the way! We don’t ask you to pose in a particular way, our photographs are always relaxed and natural, however we will advise and guide you on ways to stand together that will only perfect not pose your portraits.

Engagement shoots are £100.

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