A Beautiful Engagement Shoot in Stamford

June 12, 2015 |

Cat and Alex live in the beautiful town of Stamford and have chosen to host their wedding later this year at The William Cecil.


They LOVED the idea of an engagement shoot and wanted to use Stamford as the location. We had arranged to meet them in the meadows, but to start with we took a walk to the neighbouring field where it was a little quieter.

Cat and Alex were just as lovely as we remembered and it was like meeting up with old friends. We got to know them a little bit more and loved hearing how their plans were coming together. Towards the end of their engagement shoot they braved it and we took some photographs in the busy meadows of Stamford with an audience!

Stamford is perfect for your engagement shoot photographs, the beautiful meadows, historic bridges and the horizon of Stamford’s many churches- we were spoilt for choice!



Cat and Alex look great together and we are super excited for their wedding day. It’s not long now guys!

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